History of the Breathalyzer

The following article is provided David Cantor and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Law Offices of Billy Skinner. In 1927, W.D. McNally, a chemist in Chicago, invented the world’s first breathalyzer. While scientists had been experimenting with detecting alcohol in the air for years, McNally’s glass tube containing chemicals that would change […]

DWI arrests in Montgomery County surge for Labor Day weekend

Although Labor Day weekend delivered some much needed cooler temperatures for most in the Houston area, the holiday did bring the heat others as it was also a no-refusal weekend.  During no-refusal weekends, motorists do not have the choice to decline testing to check their blood-alcohol level. This Labor Day’s no-refusal weekend prompted officers to […]

Breathalyzers installed in some San Antonio bars

San Antonio bars are installing Alcobuddy machines in an effort to keep drunken customers off the roads. For $2 per test, the devices will allow patrons to blow into a disposable tube, just like the “breathalyzer”, to test their BAC level – the Alcobuddy will then tell patrons if they are over the legal limit. […]

What is BAC and How is it Calculated?

The term BAC is most often associated with a Driving While Intoxicated arrest and stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. A BAC is represented as a percentage after a test of a person’s blood, breath, or urine. For example, a BAC of 0.10 percent means that there is one gram of alcohol for every 1000 grams […]