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Texas is one of many states that have an Implied Consent Law. This means that every person who has been issued a driver’s license shall consent to a test of their blood or breath if they are arrested for DWI. If a driver fails to consent to a test, their license can be suspended by the state whether or not they are found guilty in the criminal case. If a driver does provide a specimen, and their alcohol content is over the legal limit, the state can suspend their license as well. If you have been subject to an Administrative License Revocation (ALR), immediately contacting a Houston ALR attorney is the most important thing you can do to keep your privilege to drive.

Administrative License Revocation Hearing Lawyer

After being arrested for DWI, time is of the essence if you are trying to avoid an administrative suspension. If you were served with am ALR notice, you have 15 days to file the proper paperwork to request a hearing. If a hearing is not requested in timely manner, your driver’s license suspension will begin on day number 40 after being served with an ALR notice. The length of the suspension is subject to several factors including whether you refused or failed the test, and whether or not your license has been suspended within the last 10 years. The following are examples of ALR periods if a test is refused:

  • 180 days for the first offender
  • 2 years if the offender has been suspended in reference to an ALR within the past 10 years

If a driver consents to the chemical test but the results are over the legal limit, the following guidelines apply:

  • 90 days for the first offender
  • 1 year if the offender has had a previous ALR suspension within the past 10 years.

Houston ALR Lawyer

While at the hearing, your Houston ALR attorney can accomplish a great deal in helping you to keep your license as well as preparing for your DWI case. An ALR hearing serves as a preview of the DWI trial. Your attorney has the opportunity to interview the arresting officer and challenge probable cause and other procedural requirements. If these are not met, you license may not be suspended. These hearings allow your lawyer to observe how the officer testifies and helps identify weaknesses in the case. For the best representation in a Houston ALR hearing, call the Law Offices of Billy Skinner.

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