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A DWI charge in Houston is a serious offense when it stands alone. When a driver is charged with DWI and has a passenger in the vehicle that is under 15 years old, the stakes go up even more as this behavior exhibits an increased level of carelessness that is severely frowned upon by the court system. If you have been accused of DWI and it is accompanied by a charge of DWI with a Child Passenger, it is imperative to consult a Houston DWI attorney who can properly investigate your case to protect your rights and reputation.

A DWI with a Child Passenger is classified as a third degree felony by the State of Texas. This charge can be attached to any DWI even if your blood alcohol content is under the legal limit of 0.08 grams. If the arresting officer determines that a driver is unsafe to operate a vehicle due to the use of alcohol or any drug, the driver can be charged with DWI and subsequently DWI with a Child Passenger.

Texas Penalties for DWI with a Child Passenger – Houston – Harris County

Due to the felony status of a DWI with a Child Passenger, the punishments for this charge can be very severe if not negotiated by a Houston DWI attorney. Additionally, since it is a separate charge, a conviction could result in amplified penalties when combined with the attached DWI. Persons convicted of a felony have difficulty finding a job, are often prohibited from voting or possessing a firearm, and suffer social humiliation. Offenses involving the endangerment of children can also result in an investigation by the Department of Family and Protective Services which could have a negative effect on a driver’s parental rights.

Other penalties for a DWI with a Child Passenger in Houston include the following:

  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Incarceration from 180 days to 2 years
  • License Suspension for 180 days

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In light of such severe penalties, a driver accused of DWI with a Child Passenger cannot afford to face these charges alone. In Houston, a well trained DWI lawyer knows how to mount a formidable defense against these very serious charges. Defending a DWI with a Child Passenger boils down to defeating the original DWI. A Houston DWI attorney will challenge the officer’s observations and find any weaknesses in the state administered chemical tests of blood or breath.

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